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Low-impact construction

Focused on sustainable, small footprint living that is good for people and the planet.

"If we want to raise the quality of living ...
then the most effective way of all is to improve the quality of the house"

Robin Boyd

We are passionate about sustainability, small footprint living and healthy, high-performance dwellings.  We want to change the way people live.


Green Wave Projects is based in Tasmania, delivering services to Victoria and NSW.

We believe that less is more, We believe high quality, sustainably designed small footprint homes are good for people, the planet and living life to the full.  Green Wave Projects mission is to profoundly change the way homes are made and to accelerate the adoption of high-performance, well designed small footprint dwellings for health, affordability, carbon neutrality and caring for the environment.


Project Management Services

  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Contracts, Claims & Disputes

Building Performance Services

  • Performance Building Consultancy
  • Blower Door Airtightness Testing
  • Thermography

Performance Building Consultancy

Leaky and draughty buildings are less comfortable to live in, are more costly to heat (and cool) and are potentially less durable.  Poorly designed and constructed homes can cost 30-50% and sometimes more to heat and cool. Airtightness is important as it identifies air leaks/gaps in your building envelope.


Thermography or Infrared image is a way to detect temperatures across the surface of an object, and how those surface temperatures can be influenced by various factors. Eg. moisture evaporation, thermal bridging, insulation levels, etc. It is an excellent, non invasive, fast and safe tool to identify items that warrant further investigation. When used in conjunction with a blower door test, leaks and gaps  can be rectified saving you money on energy bills for heating and cooling.


Blower Door Airtightness Testing

During the build phase, a blower door test is performed to quantify how air tight or leaky your build is.  The ‘Tighter” the building, the lower the energy losses and spend, and the greater the comfort levels. Tests are undertaken after plastering, but prior to fit-out of joinery to detect gaps and air-leaks.

Lead Consultant - Claire O'Toole

Claire is passionate about sustainability, small footprint living and healthy, high performance dwellings.

She wants to change the way people live, focusing on better indoor quality, reduced operating costs and sustainable choices of materials and finishes all woven together to allow more time and money for living.

A registered Builder (general construction/open) with over 20 years of industry experience in Australia and overseas,  she holds a bachelor of planning and design (building) and bachelor of building from the University of Melbourne.

Claire is the state treasurer of NAWIC (national association of women in construction), president of AIB (australian institute of building) Tasmanian chapter and national vice president.

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Queen Street

Renovation and extension

Drovers Rise

Off-grid living in rural location


Modern Office Refurbishment and Fit-out

Integrated Physio

Refurbishment & Fitout

Focused on sustainable, small footprint living that is good for people and good for the planet.