Project Management Services

Building or renovating your own home or business premises is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Having a professional like Green Wave Projects guide and support you through all aspects of the process can prove to be both cost-effective and efficient. We are skilled and knowledgeable across all areas saving you time and money.

Let Green Wave Projects guide you through the concept, design and build phases of your project.

Project Management

  • Preparation of Design Briefs
  • Budget Planning & Management
  • Building Performance review
  • Consultant Engagement and Appointment
  • Design Coordination
  • Time Management and Programming
  • Local Authority Negotiation
  • Management of Tenders, Analysis and Assessments
  • Contract Administration
  • Tenancy and Occupancy Co-ordination
  • Post occupancy inspections & reviews

Project Management

  • Trade Contractor Engagement
  • Construction Programming
  • Construction Supervision
  • Construction Administration
  • As Built Documentation
  • Defects Liability Management

Contracts, Claims & Dispute Services

We recognise the processes involved in resolving contract disputes can be time consuming, expensive and stressful. We are conscious of the pressures that are faced by parties in disputes and we work closely with our clients and their legal advisors and the other party to resolve disputes in a timely manner and with cost-effective outcomes. .

What we can do for you

Claire is passionate about sustainability, small footprint living and healthy, high performance dwellings. She wants to change the way people live, focusing on better indoor air quality and reduced operating costs. by selecting sustainable, low maintenance materials and finishes you can have more time and money for living life to its fullest.

project management

Focused on sustainable, small footprint living that is good for people and good for the planet.